BUOYTRACKER is a unique system for remotely checking and monitoring the precise location of your buoy or other valuable asset, large or small almost anywhere on the globe.

BUOYTRACKER uses GPS satellite positioning system, together with the GLOBALSTAR low earth orbit satellite data service and allows users to check the position of their buoy from a web page anywhere in the  world; no special software is required. Historical data is maintained so you may analyse the position of your buoy over time.  The data may be either viewed using our Google maps based web page or downloaded to a spreadsheet.  Alternatively the data may be automatically forwarded up to 5 email addresses. In addition, BUOYTRACKER will watch over your buoy and
alert you by email should it wander by more than 750m.

BUOYTRACKER sends a daily heartbeat message confirming correct operation.

BUOYTRACKER is totally self contained and can run for up to 3 years on its internal batteries.


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